Moth Ball

2022. With Megan Bradley, Eric Furterfas, and Rourke Healey.

Moths and butterflies share the same scientific family Lepidoptera. But whereas butterflies occupy the popular imagination (around 20,000 butterfly species are currently known to exist), over 180,000 species of moths have been identified. Part of the reason for this is that most moths are nocturnal. Inspired to raise awareness of this overlooked insect and to loosen the anthropocentric imagination, we organise human-moth gatherings in the East Bay hills every full moon. We invite an entomologist to set up moth viewing stations. We build lights from local bamboo and cover-crop fabric. The UV bulbs we use attract moths. We invite our friends. We open the space with a ceremony. We talk, we observe, we dance. It’s a simple attemp to combine celebration and love of landscape.